Bespoke Joinery

Trim Joinery’s master craftsmen are seasoned in creating beautiful bespoke joinery features. We can create custom wooden staircases, architraves, wood panelling for rooms, window shutters and even external pods for your garden.
All our bespoke joinery solutions are built form pressure treated hardwood and softwood, that’s notable for its stunning finish and long-term durability. We’re available to build custom features around the décor of your property, adding an elegant wooden flourish to any area. Like our windows and doors, all our bespoke joinery solutions are built with taste, elegance, longevity and functionality in mind. The flexibility of our service means we can work within a large spectrum of budgets.

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We create stunning bespoke staircases from quality pressure treated timber. Our master craftsmen assess the needs of a property and works closely with the client during the design phase to compose the right stair and bannister combination to complement their property.
Combining the very latest advancements in joinery with traditional woodworking techniques we create beautiful staircases that really emphasise the timeless style and elegance of wood. We can also work with our client’s architects in order to produce a wooden element for metal or glass staircases.

Wall Panelling

Trim Joinery offers clients a full wall panelling service. We’re available to install flat and raised wall panelling. Using only the best hardwood, we offer a massive range of panelling finishes, mouldings and designs.

Wood panelling can add a touch of old time elegance or a contemporary feel to dull or plain spaces like hallways, bathrooms & utility rooms. Panelling can be customised to include features such as top shelves, which adds an element of functionality and practicality.

Architrave Mouldings

Trim Joinery is available to create customised architrave options to interior and exterior doors. Architrave mouldings can add a subtle flourish to any building. Our massive range of architrave options run from the traditional to more contemporary options. We work closely with the client throughout the design phase to create the right architrave for their property.

Our installation team strives to limit the disruption to your property, allowing a commercial property or a residential property to function as normal throughout the installation process.


Window frames shutter can add richness and personality to both in the interior and exterior of a building. Our shutters are built from the very best hardwood timber. Our master craftsman's unrivalled expertise with this raw material means we can offer customers completely bespoke window shutters built to the exacting specifications demanded by each and every property.

We work with the client to design just the right shutters for their building's interior décor and the building's unique exterior aesthetic.

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